Wanna know about my current projects?  Maybe you’re more the voyeuristic type and like to see behind the scenes photos?  Or are you just looking for an iPhone photo tip or two?


What’s the worst that could happen, you miss a blog post with pictures of you from last night’s party?  Preferred way for you to be blogged about:  Book Me.

Fun forgot me Pride parades seem to be getting more controversial with each passing year.  And I’m not talking about ‘those that fun forgot’.  Without going through the trouble of digging up photos from years past, the outfits are the same year in and year out, and as outdated as […]

Two Models + One Barbershop = Happily Ever After Tristan A. and Karina G. are no strangers to the camera, nor each other.  Why not marry two passions for some great photos? Consultation KG:  The agency said I should do a shoot with my bf.  I like the work you’ve done […]

All you need is ONE Multiple photos with slight changes of the head is what leads to 1 great photo.  Seeing albums filled with said collection of photos, makes me want to slowly dig my veins out with a spoon.  Luckily my anger helps me manage my selection. I’m not angry […]

100% Baby Oil. Blog post done — and I thought blogging was gonna be tough. All lubed up and nowhere to go, eh?  Trust me it’s pretty telling of what follows. Jocelyn Wentland PhD wanted to commemorate successfully defending her thesis on Casual Sex with a boudoir shoot; rather apropos, […]